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Keeping Warm: Homeless Fire?

Police are investigating whether homeless people started a fire in a shed on Seventh Street as they were trying to stay warm.

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  • chickennugget.jpg

    Watch as adorable toddler explains what chickens are

    On a visit to an animal farm, this little girl’s mum starts recording her experiences. And when they get to the chicken enclosure, the toddler had a hilarious explanation for what a chicken is. This will make you giggle…
  • Policehandcuffs

    National News Headlines

    July 31: National News Headlines • Relatives of MH370 victims say they have mixed emotions over the possible discovery of part of the missing plane in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar.
  • stalker.jpg

    Creep Alert: Lionel Richie's Hello without music

    Remove the music from Lionel Richie’s video for his hit, Hello, and this is what you are left with. A creepy guy stalking a poor girl. In this creation from Mario Wienerroither, he has removed the music and replaced it with sound effects. It's creepy, but…

From The Team

  • No Smoking Sign

    No Will Power: Relax and Quit

    If you want to quit smoking... maybe you don't need willpower! Scientists in the US have found meditation can actually decrease a person’s desire to smoke... without them even realising.
  • AFLoval

    Akermanis 'Sook'

    He’s back… Jason Akermanis… is he putting his foot in his mouth again? This time he’s weighed into the Adam Goodes debate… he’s told Fox Sports Goodes is a sook… and crowds can boo whenever they like… "Any stupid journalists who said that they're racist is…
  • lego3

    Dream job

    Professional Lego artists earn big money for playing with the multi-coloured blocks! Some sculptures are commissioned for thousands of dollars, and others are rented out to events as centrepieces, bringing in upwards of $500 a week for their creators. You…

Community Events

  • Zest Fest

    August 01, 2015
    Zest Fest is a celebration of all things citrus: oranges, lemons, mandarins and more. Restaurants, cafes and other local businesses will get involved in the citrus theme with special displays... Locals and visitors will also get to judge the Marmalade competi ...
  • Mallee Football League Reunion

    August 01, 2015
    The Mallee Football League is having a huge reunion this Saturday August 1st at Ouyen when Walpeup/Underbool take on Ouyen United for the last time. The Mallee Football League will be dissolved at the end of the year and Walpeup/Underbool and Ouyen United wil ...
  • Fashion Parade

    August 01, 2015
    The Mildura/Millewa Group CWA’s next fashion parade is at the Vines Retirement Village from 1:30pm on Saturday 1st August. It will feature fashions from local stores. Admission is $8… which includes afternoon tea.

As Heard On Easymix 1467

  • Policebadgevic

    Inspector Bob Simpson

    Victoria Police have attended various traffic incidents throughout the last week and are urging motorists to take care. Inspector Bob Simpson from Mildura Police spoke about this and many other topics with Daniel on The Home Run.
  • Glennmilne

    Mildura Mayor Cr. Glenn Milne

    Council has come under fire over spending money on sponsorship of a Mildura race car, Mildura Mayor Cr. Glenn Milne spoke to Daniel on The Home Run. Cr. Milne also spoke about concerns over the spend in poker machines being on the rise and meetings about…
  • rollerderby

    Roller Derby, What is it?

    A Roller Derby event is coming to Sunraysia in August... Ted spoke with Wendy Bartels this morning to find out more about the sport...

Music and Memories

  • bob hope

    Remembering Bob Hope

    Leslie Townes "Bob" Hope passed away on this day in 2003, aged 100. He was an English-born American comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, dancer, athlete and author. His career spanned nearly 80 years, and he appeared in over 70 films and shorts, including a…
  • TardisCLOSEUP

    Dr Who?

    July 16: Dr Who began on Australian television on this date 1965.
  • lindaRONDSTADT

    Different Drum

    July 15: Linda Ronstadt is 69 today.


  • arvo-challenge

    The Arvo Challenge

    Test your mental agility weekday afternoons in the Home Run with Daniel Brewer and you could win a voucher for Rococo’s Pizza at Mildura Central. Music, movies, riddles… trivia and more.. It’s the Arvo Challenge with Daniel Brewer. Easymix 1467 is giving away…
  • CB

    Celebration Book

    Birthdays... anniversaries… graduations… If it’s time to celebrate someone in your life then let Sunraysia know and win! Share something in the ‘Celebration Book’ for your chance to claim a Hog’s Breath VIP card worth $50 giving you a 25% discount off your…
  • early-bird-challenege

    The Early Bird Challenge

    Here at Easymix 1467 we know that getting up early isn't fun, so we like to reward the early birds that get up and keep us company 'at sparrows'. Listen from 6.30, call in and answer the challenge and you could WIN a golf round for 2 at Red Cliffs Golf Club!…

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